Adding a PDF download link to a page is very similar to adding an image.  First type out the text that you want to link the PDF too, highlight the text and then click “Add Media”

Make sure you are on the “Upload Files” tab, then click “Select Files” and upload the PDF from your computer.  Once the PDF has uploaded, click the “Insert into Page” button.

Now you will want to adjust the link.  From inside your document right click the linked text.  You will see a pencil icon.  Click the icon to edit the link.  Next click the gear icon to adjust the link settings.

Finally, check the link text to make sure it reads the way you want it to read.  Make sure the “open in a new” window box is checked.  If you do not check this box, when someone closes the PDF they will exit your website as well.  Click “Update” and you’re done!

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