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WordPress Pages

WordPress pages are best described as the main sections of your website that are not frequently updated or changed. Good examples would be “Home Page”, “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Services”, etc.  WordPress Pages display individually and are not ordered by date. Also, creating a WordPress Page automatically generates a tab in the main navigation if you do not specify otherwise. Similar to  WordPress Posts, pages are administered through the dashboard.  By hovering over “Pages”, you can choose to “Add a Page”, or by clicking “All Pages”, edit, trash, or view existing pages.

Adding a page

To add a page, choose Pages | Add New.  The WordPress editor will open up.  The editor is a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) in “Visual” mode, and changes to an html editor if you choose “Text” mode. Type in a title for your page and then add your text in the editor window  You can format the text by using the links or icons above the editor.

Main menu item or sub-item?

Before publishing your page, you will need to decide if it will be a main page and appear at the top level of your menu (parent), or if the page should fall under a main menu item as a sub-menu item (child) .  For instance, you may have a main “About Us” menu item, but want the following pages to fall under that category:  “History”, “Our Team”, and “Our Sponsors”.  If the page your created should be a main menu item, you will not set a “Parent” under “Page Attributes”.  If the page should be a sub-page, simply click the drop-down menu under “Parent” and choose the main page the sub-page should fall under.

Saving your page

There are several options available when saving a page.  If you are not ready to publish a page and make it public, you can save the page as a draft.  Under “Visibility”, you can choose whether to make the page public, password the page, or make the page private.  If you choose to make a page private, it will only be visible to your eyes and to users you have added to your website and given permission to see the page.

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