About WordPress Posts

WordPress posts are used to “blog”, which is short for “weblog”. A blog is a series of single entries that share a website owner’s experiences, ideas, and/or opinions and is written in a conversational style. A WordPress blog operates similar to a running journal. Posts (entries) are displayed on a single page and are ordered by date; newest post first.



Managing your posts

You can easily add a new post by hovering over “Posts” in the dashboard and choosing that option.  You can edit, delete and view posts by choosing  “All Posts”.  After clicking “All Posts”, a complete listing of your posts will be shown.  Hovering over a title of a post reveals another menu where you can choose to edit, view, or “trash” it.

Adding a Post

Just follow these five easy steps.  (1) Title your post (2) Add your content (3) Choose a category if you are using them (4) Upload a featured image and (5) Publish the post now, post date the post and publish, or save the post as a draft.

Managing Comments

Since posts are written in a conversational style, visitors have an opportunity to comment on your posts.  There are several settings you can tweak to help prevent spam and gain more control over comments.  You can also turn off all comments site-wide or for any individual post.

To turn off comments site wide, specify who can comment, and how comments are moderated, choose SETTINGS | DISCUSSION from the dashboard.

You can also choose which posts to allow comments on individually when you create a new post.

Post Categories

If you will be blogging on more then one subject, Post Categories can be very important.  By creating categories and assigning your post to a category before it is published, your visitors will be able to sort and quickly view only the posts they are interested in.



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